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Teething Expense

It was never going to be a smooth day, I’d overslept and had too much to squeeze in to too little time. Middle son had been referred to the orthodontist for corrective braces on his teeth.  Our sleepy little country … Continue reading

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I am good at my job; normally within the limited scope I am permitted, I am good at prioritising. I have come from a highly charged and pressurised career where I had to deliver accurate and timely financial data onto … Continue reading

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Broken Ripples

My friend and colleague Jenny announced or rather stumbled through the desperately sad news that her husband was leaving her.    Gathered in the staff room, she told us, in painstakingly slow sob infused words asking us for help to get … Continue reading

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Putting off Procrastination

I have developed a serious case of writer’s block and am not sure how to get over this hopefully interim state of barren creativeness. Always one to lack the confidence in my own ability to create and share, I think … Continue reading

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