My Story Snippets

These snippets are produced to give some of my writing an airing rather than kept in a darkened drawer hoping to be used in a later story. Some may be random or some may be work in progress. Please feel free to comment on them.

Story Snippet – Edith

Stan wove the green spotted tie round pulling it as tight as he could manage.  His hands trembled. It had been years since he’d tied his own tie.  Edith had done that for him. He checked himself in the mirror, … Continue reading


Story Snippet – Poppy

Standing tall, sentinel almost, the deep red caught the rising sun. A gentle breeze allowed it to sway chivalrous in its solitude. Acres of grass reach out to the new day, not knowing it would be hay before the sun … Continue reading


Stilettos – Story Snippet

She entered the room last, everybody turned to stare.  Her dress down to her ankles clung so tight to her slim body, it revealed nothing underneath.   It clung snakelike as she moved, the colours shimmering and catching in the light.   … Continue reading


Owl – Story Snippet

Hours of endless waiting; I stayed.  I drove to you daily.  I slept on the chair resting my head on your bed, many a time.  I held your hand and fed you sips of water if nothing else. I listened … Continue reading


Sprinkling the Magic -Story Snippet

This was a piece I was asked to write for a workshop. It was all a bit rushed but tries to capture the spooky season with a slightly different take. It was a large full moon that lit the starless … Continue reading


Damask Rose Cottage – Story Snippet

I have to confess; I really did not listen to my head at all.  When I saw the cottage; I fell in love there and then. There was something about the Virginia creeper that crept obsessively over the front of … Continue reading