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Appraising the Future

I am chasing my tail at the moment.  Work is so busy having taken on an extra job to help with the spiralling increase in costs involved with growing teenagers.  I still manage to rise early and work on my … Continue reading

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Stuffed Avocado

Avocados are such a strange ingredient – I often buy them when they are on offer and they sit in the fridge never actually getting used.   That is exactly how this dish was created.  We were looking for something … Continue reading

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A Large Piece of History

As anyone with a year 7 child will know or anyone with older children who have been through year 7 at the local school, the history teachers like to challenge the parents of their new intake. It was the turn … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week – Mashing Swede

Swede is definitely a winter vegetable but I used to find it went all mushy and no matter how well I tried to drain it, water still remained. It is such a simple trick but add a potato to the … Continue reading

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It has been a frenzy; this last few weeks; the preparations, the fever pitch of heightened expectation and the exhaustion of getting through this long drawn out term. We began with a birthday at the beginning of December not any … Continue reading

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