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Apple Pork

I got caught out one time when on holiday with my husband’s family.  We were staying in a holiday cottage and I learned mid morning that 26 people were descending on us for a meal that night. Not only was … Continue reading

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Home family cooking

Don’t you just find it so difficult to provide nutritious meals that all the family will eat.  I am a working mother also trying to find time to become a writer and sometimes preparing and cooking a meal the whole … Continue reading

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Victorian Attitudes

  Times are a changing! I guess for adults reading this your age will change your recollection slightly.  When you recall your school days some like me; will be filled with horror at the tunnelled opportunities and others will remember … Continue reading

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Cunning Smoke

I, like hundreds of others tried smoking at a very tender age.  My parents were smokers.  They had grown up when the risks were not as emphasised as nowadays.  Everyone in their social circles smoked even their close friends the … Continue reading

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Broken Resolutions

Happy New Year. I hope the festive season brought all you desired wrapped in love, health and happiness.  My biggest complaint; that it was not long enough, and I feel propelled into the New Year having not stopped for breath. … Continue reading

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