Owl – Story Snippet

Hours of endless waiting; I stayed.  I drove to you daily.  I slept on the chair resting my head on your bed, many a time.  I held your hand and fed you sips of water if nothing else. I listened to your cries of no more and tried to reassure you; till in the end I too, cried “enough”.

You hovered between him and me for days longer than we thought possible, till they said “go home, rest, we will call you”

Too long; was the journey and the phone rang as I arrived.   I drove.  Speed limits blurred.

A white owl was waiting for me, half way, and flew across my windscreen. I nearly crashed.


I arrived 20 minutes later; a hug from the nurse “she’s gone”. Pale but peaceful you began your eternal rest, free from pain and suffering.

Hours later; numb, guilt ridden at not being there, angry with the world, I drove homewards.   As tears and emotion threatened my driving.  An owl, white and beautiful flew ahead of my car guiding it back to the road.

Then I understood.

7.30 you left to go to my father.  His claim stronger than mine now.


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