Butterscotch Sauce

We are in the season of strawberries and there are so many different recipes to create.  This is not necessarily to be restricted to strawberries but they work so well together.  I love the ease and simplicity of this recipe that then produces an unbelieveably delicious complement other than cream.  

Do not be fooled into thinking this is the calorie free alternative to clotted cream this is pure indulgence.   I remember it by 2 x 2 x 2 + 2.5.

2oz /  50g Butter
2oz / 50g Sugar (brown sugar works best)
2ozv / 50g Golden syrup
Vanilla Essence
2 1/2 fl oz / 75ml double cream 
Juice of lemon (optional)

Over a very gentle heat combine the butter, sugar and golden syrup.

Watching it carefully and stirring occaisionally allow the ingredients to melt into to each other.   Do not allow it to burn.

As the last of the butter melts stir well to mix

Remove from the heat and add the vanilla essence.  This is the time to add the lemon.  I find it cuts the sweetness and adds a subtle tang but my children definitely prefer the pureness of all sugar so we often have it without.

Allow to cool slightly before adding the cream.  Mix well so that all ingredients form a combined thick gloopy sauce.  

This can be served warm on fresh strawberries but equally can be prepared early in the day or the day before.   As it cools the sauce becomes thicker.  

Serve over fresh strawberries and enjoy.  My family were sceptical that there is any thing to beat clotted cream or double cream but finally were persuaded to try it.  Now such a firm favourite one son will only eat strawberries with  this on.

Try it out on your own brood and see what they think.  Such an easy and impressive addition to strawberries you can serve it up to guests feeling confident they will enjoy and be impressed.




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