Lemon Cheese

Sunday lunch and I didn’t have anything for pudding. It is only on a Sunday that I go to the trouble of making a pudding but it had completely slipped my mind when I was shopping earlier in the week.

I had a browse in the fridge and cupboard and found some ingredients to make a sort of cross between lemon meringue pie and lemon cheesecake.


Digestive biscuits – I used ½ packet
Butter melted
Philidelphia soft cheese  –  I had a nearly full pot but no plans to use it up
Lemon curd –  this half jar had been in the fridge for ages
Crème fraiche – ¾ of a pot left and it would go off soon 
Gelatine leaf – usually have this in the cupboard
Touch of hot water

Crush the biscuits well and add to the melted butter, coat well then arrange in a serving dish.  I made a thick base rather than a well.

Allow to cool in the fridge.

I used the gelatine leaf and added the smallest touch of boiled water, then brought the whole thing back to the boil which melted the leaf.

  I threw all the other ingredients into a bowl and mixed thoroughly to make a cream then added the geletine and mixed well again.

I topped the biscuit base with the cream mix and left in the fridge to chill.

Because there was not a lot of anything no strong overpowering flavours came through,  it just tasted very light and refreshing and the whole family loved it.  A dusting of icing sugar would have made it look good but I didn’t have any.   

Have you got a quick easy pudding recipe, let me have it and I will have a go.



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